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Putting some more meat on the bone…

It helps to understand the steps needed to get birthdaymojo up and running on your website and to visualise the entire customer journey from sign up to redeeming their voucher, so we’ve created a series of steps below to help explain both these processes along with a brief summary of each step.

Setting up your Website

Once we’ve received your completed signup agreement and know what plan you need, we can start configuring all the bits and pieces to get your birthday vouchers up and running on your website as quickly as possible.

Choosing/Designing a Voucher

Now the fun part! If you’re on the STARTER package, you can choose from 1 of 3 pre-defined voucher templates. We’ll drop in your logo, a short message and any Terms & Conditions you need to be present. The customers name and the birthdate are added automatically with every new voucher creation.

If you’ve signed up for the MAIN or DESSERT packages, we’ll work on a fully bespoke design specifically for you.

In all cases, we’ll send you a final copy of your voucher by email so that you can see how it looks before we proceed.

Configuring Email Sending

The birthdaymojo system handles the automatic delivery of new birthday voucher emails for you and using your own domain name, making the system nice and tidy. To do this successfully, two small changes need to be made to your Domain Record. If you’re not sure how to do this and have glazed over at this point, don’t worry, we can help you with this process and in many cases can apply these changes on your behalf.

Inserting some code and styling the form

The next step is to insert a few lines of code into your website. This code will automatically display the birthdaymojo registration form asking for the customers name, email address, birthday and acceptance of your terms and conditions. This code can be inserted anywhere you wish within your website. It can also be styled using CSS if you would like to customise it further.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”;cid=Ay25LfQztFNkUEJ4vaTDGeCM3Rx9V6Ys”></script>
Setting up your staff PINs

You’ll want to set up some staff PINs so that they can securely validate any birthday vouchers that they are given. You do this by logging into your birthdaymojo control panel where you can add or remove staff and their PINs. Adding these PINs also helps to track which member of staff validated which birthday voucher and allso logs the date and time that the voucher was scanned.

The Customer Journey

Now that your birthdaymojo voucher system is set up, your customers can start applying for birthday vouchers on your site.

Customer requests their birthday voucher

The customer visits your website and fills in the birthday voucher form with their name, email address and birtrhday. This data is sent to our servers and stored securely within your birthdaymojo account.

Customer validates their email address

Immediately after the customer has registered, birthdaymojo sends out an email asking them to validate their email address. This is to ensure that the email address is indeed correct and is in use by the customer. We don’t want to be sending out spam to your customers after all.

Once their email address has been validated, their birthday voucher is queued in our system. By default we will send out a voucher after 48 hours of the email address validation. If their initial birthday voucher request falls within this time window, their voucher won’t be sent until just before next years birthday. Speak to us if you wish to adjust this setting.

Customer receives their personalised voucher by email

When the customer receives their voucher email, it will contain a graphic of the voucher based on the design that you chose or had designed for you. It will contain any Terms and Conditions that you wish to add, as well as an unsubscribe option which they can use should they wish to be removed from the birthdaymojo database.

Customer redeems their birthday voucher

The customer can either print out their voucher or they can bring in their smartphone and show the voucher to a member of staff. The member of staff would scan the QR code on the birthday voucher using a smartphone or suitable mobile tablet and enter their 5 digit unique PIN. Birthdaymojo will then check that the voucher is valid, in date and has not been used before and display either a success or failure message depending on the status of the voucher.

At which point the member of staff can honour the request by providing the reward or discount shown on the voucher.

The customer can then fill their face in the knowledge that they have saved some money.

What Next?

Now that everything is set up and working, you can sit back and wait for your birthdaymojo form to start working for your website. You can log in to your birthdaymojo control panel at any time and see all of the vouchers requested, their status and which member of staff approved them.

You can resend lost or missing vouchers at the click of a button, or you can download the voucher and print it or email it manually if you wish.

You can also manually delete vouchers and registrations too.

If you have our DESSERT plan you can also export this data to an Excel spreadsheet if you wish for further marketing and analysis.

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